Don't just move your practice — transition it for growth.

When you join Prudential Advisors as an experienced financial professional, you are supported through your transition by a close partnership of local firm leadership, operations personnel, and dedicated resources from our Transition & Onboarding Solutions team. Together, we help you become productive quickly and grow your practice at Prudential.

The relationship manager connects with field management and key corporate partners to review your practice, book of business, and any special situations, and customizes your onboarding plan.

Begin to complete required training courses through the Prudential Advisors online learning platform.

You will have a conversation with the relationship manager, field management, and key corporate partners to introduce you to key transition resources, describe the transition experience, and review your book of business.

 Prudential resources will assist with the transfer of your licenses and registrations, help you gain access to Prudential data systems, and work with you to help announce your move.

 You will meet with clients, open accounts and submit transfers, learn key Prudential processes, systems, and products through training and coaching and begin to ramp up production.

Our licensed and experienced relationship managers are here to support you as your key point of contact at the home office for questions and issues. Once you accept your offer, your relationship manager engages with firm management and you to customize the onboarding plan to your unique practice. Working from a detailed, structured plan they will ensure all transition and onboarding tasks are completed keeping your transition on track. As your single point of contact at the home office they will have weekly touchpoints with you, connect you with local partners across the organization and work to eliminate roadblocks. Your relationship manager will assign key training based on your specific onboarding needs and familiarize you with programs, processes and paperwork to facilitate transitioning business.

Our centralized transition team assists qualified candidates with transitioning investment business. They will complete data entry of new accounts and transfers into Prudential systems on your behalf for a more efficient transition. As your dedicated transition resource, they will track account opening and transfers in progress, provide you with regular status reports and help ensure that all transition activities are in good order.

You are fully supported, and we want you to feel that way.  There are other team members who will be brought into the fold to address your questions, provide you with guidance, and educate you on Prudential Advisors products and services. You will also have access to Transition & Onboarding Solutions intranet resources, which provide you with access to contact lists, checklists, links to key systems and sites, and other relevant information.

What's next? Have a confidential conversation with your local office.

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