Did you know that 46% of adults today could not cover an emergency expense costing $400?*

As a financial professional, you have the option to change the trajectory of entire generations by sharing your financial knowledge. Here’s what being a Financial Professional with Prudential Advisors means:

*Source: Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2018, Board of Governors of the Federal Research System, May 2019. 

**Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Personal Financial Advisors.

Becoming a Financial Professional Associate

Here’s a snapshot at your next several months in Prudential Advisors’ Career Development Program:


Phase 1: Pre-Contract Affiliate - Obtain licenses and attend trainings

Kick-off your career in financial services through our extensive training and development schedule. You’ll train for the profession, learn necessary skills, and prepare for licensing exams while we’re with you every step of the way.

How Prudential Advisors’ supports you:

  • Licensing exam costs and study materials are covered by Prudential*
  • Robust training schedule
  • Weekly exam prep and review sessions
  • Veteran mentorship to ensure you’re reaching your goals

*This is considered a stipend, which will result in the issuance of a 1099-MISC at year end for all expenses paid by Prudential showing as taxable income.

Phase 2: Contract Associate - Practice what you’ve learned and secure first clients

Now that you’ve passed your exams, it’s time to establish your personal brand. You’ll continue developing product knowledge and communications skills as you get out into the field.

How Prudential Advisors’ supports you:

  • Leads to jumpstart your practice
  • Marketing match dollars to fund prospecting
  • Joint work partner assigned to mentor you and help you make your first sales

Exciting news! Starting June 12, 2023, all new candidates entering the pre-contract phase of our Career Development Program (CDP) are eligible to qualify for one of the following monetary bonuses upon completing licensing exams and advancing to contract phase:

  • $2,000 for passing all exams within the first 15 weeks or
  • $1,000 for passing all exams between 16-26 weeks

Phase 3: Congrats, you’re a Financial Professional Associate!

Having obtained all your licenses and required training, you are now a full-time employee with commission and benefits. But the training doesn’t stop there! Prudential Advisors’ support continues through your entire career with us.

How Prudential Advisors’ supports you:

  • Introduced to our growth-focused leads and referrals programs
  • Full access to back-office support
  • Continued mentorship as your business grows
  • A compensation package which includes commissions and bonuses, medical, dental vision benefits, 401k and matching program, and much more

Financial Planner (Former teacher)

"After starting a career in education, I quickly learned that I needed to improve my own finances, pay off student debt, and save for the future in a profession that isn't known for providing a high salary. My research in how to improve my own finances combined with my passion for helping my students be better prepared for the future opened the door for me to consider financial planning as a career path. My role as a financial planner allows me to blend the part of an education career that I loved, with personal finance in a way that shapes and changes the trajectory of my client's lives."

Financial Advisor, MBA (Former Accounting Manager)

“Participating in the CDP program at Prudential helped set me up for success with resources where I gained knowledge through experiences. What we do is not a job, but a business, so I always saw my manager as a mentor. This person stressed prospecting, so I prospected a lot which was helpful. Other resources came from wholesalers inside and outside of Prudential, they were available and made it easy to learn product and strategies. Best part of my experience was positive energy, something that is necessary. I can only remember positive energy from leadership and Prudential Veterans, all very willing to answer questions and provide support.”

Financial Planner (US Coast Guard Veteran)

"I chose the Prudential Career Development Program due to its robust training and development that was available to me as a 'career changer.' I felt I could have some autonomy of being in business 'for myself' but wouldn’t be 'by myself.'

The training and support resources available to a new advisor are excellent, in fact, the support is overwhelming. I always feel I have a solid and reliable resource to turn to whenever I feel as I can’t handle the client’s situation on my own."

Financial Planner (Former Chinese language teacher)

“I joined Prudential right before COVID‐19 hit the US. As someone brand new to the financial services industry, I have found that the Career Development Program has had a profoundly positive impact on my new career. CDP not only covers a broad range of areas such as our client offerings and the technology platforms at Prudential, but also trains us in delivering our services effectively and consistently. The training labs were particularly helpful.  Our highly experienced and always encouraging instructors showed us the way to success through clear directions and demonstrations. We were also able to learn from our peers’ creative approaches as well as their initial stumbles. I just received the Junior of the Year award, which I can’t imagine I could have achieved without the CDP program.”

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