Ken FuruyaAssociate Managing Director

Ken worked in real estate before joining Prudential, but he wanted greater ownership of his career and the chance to serve a multicultural client base. Ken values the support and teamwork at Prudential, and encourages others to explore the opportunity. “If you are looking to have a progressive career,” says Ken, “there’s no better business to be part of.”

Caregiving Stories

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Planning for the financial impact of giving or needing care.

Delvin JoyceFinancial Professional

A former professional athlete, Delvin Joyce knows what it is like to take his success from one winning team to another. "I've heard a lot of the best motivational speeches in locker rooms, but ... you've got to have something inside that makes you get up on your own," Delvin tells us.

The Value of What we do

Licensed financial professionals receive extensive training on a broad range of topics and investment products, giving them the expertise to help investors build a portfolio that suits their current and future financial needs and that can help withstand market swings. Some financial professionals receive advanced investment-related training and are identified as fee-based financial planners.

What Inspires Them

Across the U.S., the financial professionals of Prudential Advisors spend their days working with families and individuals like you.

Mary K. Greene

"I joined Prudential because of the level of mentoring and coaching offered."

Peter Valenti

“If you work hard, you can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams!”

Ronald Robinson

"Everyone has the right to an earnest financial advisor."