Your Success Is Yours

And we're here to help you achieve more of it. At Prudential Advisors, we’re committed to your business’ growth through our robust referrals and leads program, the resources to expand your team, and opportunities to acquire or sell a practice. Learn more about our offering below.
  • Payouts Up To 90%

    On anything you sell, with no quotas or the requirement to sell insurance products.

  • Leads Program

    1.2 million leads were distributed to our financial professionals in 2021.* On average, our leads program generates an additional $24,900 GDC per financial professional.*

  • Local Business Specialists

    Business consultants who provide support for financial planning, teaming, investments, and more.

  • Investment Advisory Programs

    Three programs to choose from, all designed to position you for success with your clients.

Positioning Yourself For Success Investment Advisory Programs

PRUCHOICE® Non-discretionary mutual fund and ETF investment wrap-free program where client makes all investment decisions related to the program.

PruStrategist Portfolios® Discretionary model-based investment wrap-free program featuring a menu of investment options for tactical, strategic and dynamic investment strategies.

PruUMA® Discretionary “Unified Managed Account” program offering a combined portfolio of investment products, allocated according to an asset allocation model designed by PFPS, through its IARs, and is implemented by an overlay manager.

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