Leads and referral programs designed to connect you with clients and new opportunities.

We know that building and maintaining a steady funnel of new clients can be a challenge for even the most experienced financial professional. With our robust offering of turnkey lead and referral programs, you have access to a quality source of leads to help supplement your overall prospecting efforts and open doors to new client relationships. In 2020, our programs delivered:

  • 1.4 Million Leads and Referrals

    1.4 Million leads and referrals distributed to Prudential Advisors professionals.
  • 122,000 From Prospecting Programs

    122,000 were prospecting leads from Prudential.com and a search engine that highlights the digital profiles of our financial professionals.

  • 255,000 Customer Service and Workplace Client Referrals

    Customer service referrals and partnerships with our workplace clients generated more than a quarter million referrals.

  • 1.02 Million from Unaligned Customers.

    More than a million leads and referrals were existing customers who were not currently working with a Prudential financial professional.

  • $46.6 Million in Revenue

    Revenue generated by financial professionals from referrals and leads totaled $46.6 Million.

Source: Prudential Advisor Planning and Analysis
  • We put your practice in the spotlight with existing Prudential customers

    When existing Prudential customers and relationships need to engage in deeper conversations, we rely on our Financial Professionals to give them the support and advice they need. We do this by putting those customers in touch with financial professionals and giving those professionals the tools and support they need to build and nurture the relationship. 

  • Prudential Pathways

    Prudential’s Financial Wellness Program uses an omnichannel approach (e.g., education, digital tools, and individual guidance). The program offers access to the guidance of a Prudential Advisors financial professional to help address financial needs and pain points. We do more than offer financial wellness programming in the workplace. We position our financial advisors front and center in these programs as a resource available to provide service when the employee feels the time is right. 


    When customers of Prudential's workplace offerings face changing life circumstances that affect their benefit needs, we help them connect with financial professionals who can offer advice and solutions. Referrals through PruPassages provide the chance to offer timely service in the short term, establish one-on-one relationships, and build a rapport with individuals who may need additional assistance in the future.

  • Prudential Branding and Lead Generating Programs

    Prudential's substantial online presence generates hundreds of millions of visits to Prudential.com each year, with more than 300,000 annual page views being those of financial professionals. We make it easy for Prudential financial advisors, financial planners, and financial professionals to stay visible to clients who are already working with them and to be found by prospects in their local area.  

  • Professional Alliance Program

    Relationship building activities help our financial professionals create a rapport and establish formal connections with Tax Professionals (CPA's, Accountants, Enrolled Agents), Independent P&C Specialists, and other selected professionals.

  • Marketing That Helps Build Your Brand and Show Your Value

    We know that great marketing is the gateway to more conversations, more prospects, and eventually, more clients. We offer turnkey and customizable marketing offerings that put your best foot forward at every stage of the client process:

    • Customizable websites
    • Robust social media content library
    • Customizable print and web advertisements
    • Letters / Direct mail pieces
    • Brochures
    • Multi-cultural marketing materials
    • Ongoing thought leadership content, educational articles, and downloads