Beyond existing client relationships and self-sourced leads.

Today's financial services market is multi-channel, complex, and expanding in its need for overall financial wellness. The advice and solutions that advisors like you provide are essential to retail customers seeking a holistic approach to securing their financial future. As a financial professional, you are an integral part of our business, which is why we provide offerings that help you develop yours.

0.9 Million leads and referrals distributed to Prudential Advisors professionals.

54,000 were prospecting leads from and a search engine that highlights the digital profiles of our financial professionals.

Customer service referrals and partnerships with our workplace clients generated 167,000 referrals.

693,000 leads and referrals were existing customers who were not currently working with a Prudential financial professional.

Revenue generated by financial professionals from referrals and leads totaled $61.7 Million.

Source: Prudential Advisors Planning and Analysis

Financial Advisor

Greater Southwest Financial Group

“The Prudential Advisors leads program has been instrumental in growing my practice and strengthening my relationship with existing Prudential clients. It has provided me with the ability to identify opportunities to strengthen the financial security of clients and their families. This along with discipline and persistence will allow any advisor who is committed to this career to be successful, and in my opinion, is a key differentiator between Prudential and other companies in the industry. “

Financial Planner

Carolina Financial Group

"The Leads Program has been a great way for me to grow my practice. It allows me to make warm calls to Prudential clients that have not heard from a Prudential rep in a while and the response from these clients has been extremely positive. By reaching out and showing I care about their financial well-being, I’ve gained the trust of our Prudential clients and created new business for myself. I just wrote two nice term conversions this week because of the Leads Program.”

Financial Advisor

Southern California Financial Group

"The lead programs have helped me grow my practice by giving me a consistent flow of cool to warm leads, that creates a base of passive activity, while I focus on my own proactive marketing efforts. The Pathways program also opens up the door to worksite marketing opportunities that generate warm leads as well.”

Financial Advisor

Greater Florida Financial Group

"Prudential's Leads Programs have allowed me to expand my client base by putting me in touch with clients I may have never met. The Pru Passages program especially puts me in a potential client’s radar at a time when they need professional advice on a number of topics ranging from life insurance to 401(k) rollover and retirement planning. I am able to be a resource for any number of topics and provide them with timely advice to make sure they are protected.”

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