A Broad Network ofFinancial Experience

At Prudential Advisors, we believe that every person should have an opportunity to create their own unique story.

We empower financial professionals with the platforms, flexible product offerings, and collaborative environment of support they need to help turn “I can’t” into “why not?”

We Focus onRemoving Obstacles

Our financial professionals know that a career in financial services is about more than selling insurance, annuities, investments, and fee-based planning services.

Prudential Advisors exists to help eliminate roadblocks, including the ones clients put in front of themselves, that distract them from writing their own stories of financial well-being.

It is Our Heritage to BuildLasting Relationships

Our financial professionals build lasting relationships and guide clients through life’s financial challenges.

Whether it is through the protection of insurance, saving for retirement or college through investments, or making informed decisions about their financial situation, the work they do helps to shape the stories of their clients' lives.

Your Financial Future DeservesThe Strength of Prudential

“As the marketplace has evolved, so has the way we do business and the expectations that clients have of financial professionals.

The name Prudential Advisors embodies the relationship based approach our professionals take with their clients. They’re working in partnership with clients to educate, uncover concerns, identify risks and opportunities and ultimately develop a customized roadmap to help secure financial wellness.” — Salene Hitchcock-Gear, President, Individual Life Insurance and Prudential Advisors


Financial Professionals share their insights, experiences, and stories of a rewarding career.

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