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Choose Your Path

When you join Prudential Advisors, you are provided the flexibility to manage your practice in a way that works for you. We offer the ability to work as part of a team or run your practice independently.

You have the option to work from a Prudential Advisors firm or your own private office. We encourage you to design your own business model and select your target markets.

When you join Prudential as an experienced advisorfootnote 1, you can pursue your future in a number of ways, including as a:

  • Financial Professional
  • Financial Advisor
  • Fee-based Financial Planner
  • Field Manager

Whatever you decide, you’ll have the flexibility to manage your practice in a way that works for you.

Our Practice Building Programs

Prudential Advisors provides a wealth of opportunities for you to grow and expand the scope and size of your practice. We offer several programs to help you take your career to the next level, including:

Associate Producer Program

For experienced advisors who are in an outside Registered Private Office, this program can be an effective way to expand into new markets, enhance client satisfaction, and contribute towards increased revenue. It enables eligible advisors to hire sales professionals to help grow their practice. Associate producers are appointed to sell and service products available through Prudential Financial companies. Associate producers are employees of the experienced advisor, not Prudential.

Professional Alliance Program

Relationship building activities help our financial professionals create a rapport and establish formal connections with Tax Professionals (CPA's, Accountants, Enrolled Agents), Independent P&C Specialists, and other selected professionals. These relationships can help grow revenue from referrals and provide increased access to affluent clients.

Joint Work Arrangements

Our financial professionals find efficiency, capacity, and value for their clients by splitting cases with colleagues. By engaging in joint work, they are able to share both the work and the commissions.

Mentoring Program

Known as our Gemini Program, this is an opportunity for experienced advisors to make an investment in the future, while receiving rewards through attractive bonuses and recognition credit. Mentors are paired with new financial professionals to help them grow and develop professionally.

Teaming Program

Experienced advisors can work with other financial professionals under a formal agreement, guided by an approved team operating plan. Team members work collaboratively to serve clients, sharing compensation on a consistent basis and collectively driving practice growth.

Marketing and Prospecting Support

Many of our advisors bring on marketing assistants who provide administrative and clerical support, allowing them to devote more time to sales activities. When appropriately licensed, marketing assistants can also perform marketing and prospecting duties to help grow the practice. Property and Casualty licensing can also help generate additional revenue.

Business Succession/Practice Transfer

Practice transfer is a privilege established by Prudential for a qualified and approved financial professional to sell his or her future vested and non-vested commission streams to another financial professional who has been approved by the Company.

Our practice transfer support capabilities help give our financial professionals peace of mind as they invest in and grow their practices with Prudential Advisors. Because we focus on lasting relationships, it is important to our advisors to know we can help them and our clients be well positioned for the future.

Study Groups

Through this program, a number of people in similar positions with comparably sized practices get together regularly to share best practices. We find these groups can have a phenomenal impact on their members' personal and professional growth.

Financial Planning

Financial professionals have the opportunity to grow their practice by pursuing fee-based financial planning services as a specialized career path. Those who desire this specialty and complete the necessary training have access to tools and support to assist them with providing planning advice across a spectrum of client needs.

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With locations across the United States, Prudential Advisors offers rewarding career opportunities where you want to be.

If you think you have what it takes to thrive in a career with Prudential Advisors, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.